Are you a snowboarder? Or are you keen on taking up snowboarding? Or perhaps you are just a little curious about the features and boons of the sport? Whatever your reason for visiting this site, we hope to answer your questions and satisfy your needs. This site offers copious amounts of information and advice on all things snowboard - including buying a snowboard, choosing the right resort for a great snowboard holiday, the history of the sport, and so much more.


But just what is this curious sport? Well, it can be many things, depending on how you perceive it. It can be revolutionary and exhilarating, a social or cultural movement, truly challenging to master, or simply a fun, casual pastime. Depending on your level of knowledge, experience and cynicism, it can be some of these things, all of these things, or perhaps all of these things and more.

The development of the sport can be dated back to 1965, when a Michigan engineer created a new toy for his daughter through attaching two skis together to form a 'snurfer' (combining snow and surfing). From the 1970s, big name manufacturers like Burton Snowboards continued to play their part in the development of this revolutionary new piece of sporting equipment.

In the early years, the resentment from skiers towards the development of this new sport led to a distinct, rebellious snowboarding subculture. However, negative connotations attached to this subculture are now long gone, as respect has increased between skiers and snowboarders. Indeed, many skiers have even gone on to develop skills in the other sport. The fun, exhilaration and skill of mastering innumerable techniques are just some of the great incentives of taking up snowboarding.


Before you can even contemplate trying out the sport for yourself, however, you will need to buy, or at least choose, a snowboard. The design and technology of boards and other equipment has substantially developed over the years, to cater for riders of differing experience levels, riding styles and preferred riding terrain.

Snowboards usually fall into three general categories: downhill, freestyle and freeride. Downhill boards are particularly narrow, and designed for achieving high speeds and making sharp turns. Freestyle boards have a very specific design to cater for the array of tricks which can be performed during freestyle riding. Finally, freeride boards are more directional and medium-stiff, to give riders greater stability when riding in deeper snow and at higher speeds.

Snowboarding holidays

What makes a good snowboarding holiday? A good snowboarding resort! This may seem somewhat obvious to some, but the importance of choosing the right resort can often be overlooked, especially by those people considering their first holiday on the slopes. Thankfully, we can help you here, as we have compiled a list of the best such resorts across the world. Now, it's just up to you to pack those bags and book those flights and accommodation! We are passionate about you enjoying great snowboard holidays.

Snowboard shop

If you are planning to hit the slopes on a regular basis, then it makes sense to purchase your boards rather than borrow them. The initial experience of shopping for a board or equipment can provoke all kinds of questions, like: where exactly am I supposed to buy a snowboard? Where can I buy boots, bindings and other equipment? What are the most reputable retailers? Is it better to shop online or offline? How am I supposed to understand all of the complicated jargon in a product description? Thankfully, we can help you find the answer to these and many more related questions, leaving you with a stress-free shopping experience.