Snowboard gloves

Given that snowboarding usually takes place in a persistently chilly environment, it should go without saying that you will need something to keep your hands warm during a lengthy snowboard session. After all, if those hands aren't kept warm, they are likely to come too cold to move swiftly and comfortably during snowboarding, which could be detrimental not just to your snowboarding prowess, but even your safety, while out on the slope. What you need to do, then, is splash some cash on an excellent pair of snowboard gloves, which this article can guide you with.

One of your first decisions when mulling over which type of snowboard gloves to buy might be whether you should opt for a pair of gloves or mittens. Indeed, both have their advantages - mittens can be warmer and easier to put on and take off than gloves, but it can take time to learn how to adjust your other snowboard gear and clothing when wearing mittens, more so than when wearing gloves. Perhaps the best move, however, is to try on both snowboard gloves and mittens to judge which type feels best for you.

The best type of snowboard gloves should be manufactured with an outer material known as GORE-TEX. This fabric is widely used in snowboard clothing like jackets and pants, largely due to its efficient waterproofness and breathability. All GORE-TEX products are also required to have tapes over their seams to further reduce leakage.

It is also recommendable to seek snowboard gloves with inner liners which can easily be removed and washed. This is to account for differing temperatures on the slope; on warmer days, you can take out the liners, while at the end of particularly cold and wet days, you can remove the liners to enable the gloves to be dried much more quickly. Another benefit of removable liners in snowboard gloves is that, should you need to remove a glove to adjust another part of your snowboard clothing, the liner will keep your hand sufficiently warm, and for sufficiently long enough, to make that adjustment comfortably.

You can also bolster the comfort and waterproofness of the snowboard gloves through placing an insert manufactured from GORE-TEX between the glove's shell and liner. However, you should probably grab an opportunity to sample at least one of these GORE-TEX inserts before splashing hard-earned cash on any for yourself.

You may also want to consider purchasing, alongside snowboard gloves, what are known as 'Wristies'. These fingerless gloves, made from Polartec polyester fleece, cover the wrists - hence the name - and can serve as an effective, water-repellant cover for the bare area between your snowboard gloves and jacket sleeves. Alternatively, though, you may find that your snowboard jacket already has Wristies built-in.

Purchasing snowboard gloves is made easier by the fact that not only do retailers often place such gloves into separate categories for men and women, there are also many distinct manufacturers through which retailers may also categorise snowboard gloves, including Burton, DaKine, Grenade, Special Blend and Forum. And, of course, different snowboard gloves will have their own distinct features, which you should be able to find out about through reading the relevant product descriptions on websites of online retailers. You can also have fun choosing snowboard gloves the appearance of which complements the appearance of the rest of your snowboarding gear, including your jacket, pants, helmet, goggles and snowboard.

Once you have found and bought your ideal snowboard gloves, though, that's one crucial box ticked on the list of essential clothing and gear to buy for a great time snowboarding.