Snowboard pants

Given that snowboarding is a very physically demanding sport often enjoyed in very cold conditions, it is naturally crucial that snowboarders wear the appropriate clothing to keep their bodies warm, dry, and less likely to suffer injury in the extent of a crash. Snowboard pants form one crucial element of such clothing, and you should choose very carefully when seeking the most useful snowboard trousers for your personal needs and the particular conditions, like weather and location, that you intend to snowboard in.

A good pair of snowboard pants should fulfil its purpose of maintaining what is dubbed a body's 'Thermal Equilibrium' through utilising what is called a 'Three Layer System'. The first layer of the snowboard pants, the layer in direct contact with the skin, should be concerned with keeping the body dry and comfortable and discouraging moist skin. The second layer should mainly provide insulation and warmth through trapping the body heat, while the third layer, the one in direct contact to the outside environment, should be waterproof and windproof while still giving the body essential breathability.

There are plenty of different types of snowboard trousers available on the market, catering for different functions, and, accordingly, manufactured from different fabrics and materials. For example, people snowboarding at night should don trousers made from more reflective material, making the snowboarder easier to spot and thus improving their safety. Meanwhile, snowboarders whose health is more susceptible to cold weather could wear some form of extra lining, like a base layer bottom underneath the snowboard pants.

There are many further products in this field that you could consider. Many outdoor clothing manufacturers, for instance, offer snowboard pants for men, women and children manufactured from the waterproof, breathable fabric known as GORE-TEX. GORE-TEX trousers also have seams fully taped with GORE-SEAM tape, ensuring that every single seam and tiny stitch hole is sealed to improve the trousers' waterproofness and liquid resistance.

Other useful features of snowboard trousers, which you should identify in most pairs that you consider buying, include engineered articulation, which gives your legs greater manoeuvrability when snowboarding; hanging mesh lining, which promotes breathability while keeping moisture away from the skin; and water-resistant zippers, which prevent water leaking into the pants. Meanwhile, a zippered cargo pocket is good for securely carrying an item or two, while inner thigh vents, placed on the inside of your thighs, provide ventilation to help prevent your body overheating.

A similarly useful feature is a jacket-to-pant interface, which further bolsters the waterproof nature of any snowboard pants through enabling them to be directly attached to the bottom of a snowboard jacket. Many snowboard trousers also come with microfleece lining, which is wonderfully soft and provides an extra layer of warmth for added comfort, and handwarmer pockets, which can be useful for keeping your hands warm on particularly cold days.

A waist adjuster on your chosen snowboard trousers should also help you to ensure that they fit sufficiently tightly without feeling too restricting, while a microfleece fly and waistband will only help to increase the comfort. And when it comes to actually performing tricks, well, you really want your pants to come with articulated knees. These better enable the shape of the pants to resemble that of your legs, thus lending those legs sufficient flex during snowboarding to achieve those trickier moves.

So, now that so much of the perhaps initially bewildering jargon surrounding snowboard pants has been explained, you are hopefully now in a much better position to buy the right type of trousers for your unique requirements. So it's only a matter of time before you can head for that slope!