Snowboard UK

So, you've decided that you want to buy a snowboard. But how do you decide exactly what type of snowboard to buy? Well, it will depend on many factors, including your level of snowboarding experience and expertise, snowboarding style, height and weight, gender, and, of course, as far as aesthetic considerations are concerned, own distinct preferences. However, soak up all of the following advice, and you should find yourself much less indecisive when mulling over which snowboard UK to buy.

Snowboards tend to fall into several distinct categories, all of which you should thoroughly research to help you discern which one you should peruse first in your search for the right snowboard UK. Freestyle boards, for one, can be quite diverse in features, owing to the different forms of freestyle snowboarding. Freestyle boards for jibbing or spinning, for example, can often have a greater twin tip shape and symmetrical side cut compared to freestyle snowboards intended for riding the whole mountain.

Freeride boards, meanwhile, can bear many physical similarities to their freestyle counterparts, though there remains many subtle differences. The shapes of the front and back of a freeride board, for instance, are not identical, as the nose may be slightly wider than the tail. This helps to ensure that the snowboard UK is effective when moving straight forwards. There are also snowboards designed especially for off-piste riding, plus slightly lighter and narrower snowboards intended specifically for women, owing to their own lighter weight.

It is also crucial that the length of the board is proportionate to your height; as a guide, seek a snowboard UK which, when stood on its tail, comes up to your eye level at the longest and your shoulder level at the shortest. Precisely where the length of your snowboard UK should fall within this span will depend on many factors, mainly your body weight. If you are heavier than average for your height, you should seek a longer snowboard UK. You also need to opt for a wider snowboard if you have particularly large feet, to avert the risk of your toes and heals dragging in the snow.

Once you have checked all of the above crucial aspects, you can then turn to more frivolous concerns, like the colour, graphics and brand of your snowboard UK.

Also, once you've got your hands on a great snowboard UK, you should definitely check out Snowboard Club UK. What's that? It's a website run by snowboarders for snowboarders, providing a comprehensive roster of useful products and services, including daily news, a slope directory, event calendar, weather forecasts, annual SCUK Bashes, and literally hundreds of discounts to spend on snowboarding holidays, courses, equipment, and more.

Snowboard Club UK can also help you to further develop your snowboarding skills through drawing your attention to great indoor snowboarding venues throughout the country. Yes, that's right - throughout the UK. There are plenty of indoor snowdomes suitable for snowboarders, including the SNO!zone venues at Milton Keynes (Buckinghamshire), Castleford (West Yorkshire) and Braehead (Glasgow), plus The Snow Centre at Hemel Hempstead.

Perhaps the most exciting indoor snowboard UK venue, however, is the SnowDome. Based in Tamworth, Staffordshire, about fifteen miles north-east of Birmingham, this mighty venue boasts a main 170-metre slope, and can be an exciting visit for both novice and experienced snowboarders, thanks to its two Snow Academy areas. The separate 30 metre and 25 metre slopes which make up the Snow Academy areas are used to provide tuition from qualified instructors to snowboarders across a wide spectrum of expertise and experience. Much of the snowboard equipment, excluding warm clothes and gloves, is also provided free of charge.